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        Habitation : anthropocentric notions of home [1]
        Hardware implementation and design space exploration for Wave 2D and Jacobi 2D stencil computations [1]
        Hazed perceptions : a qualitative analysis of college students' definitions and perceptions of hazing in student organizations [1]
        Healthy homes : exploring the quality of the home food environment and maternal health factors [1]
        Hemocompatibility of hyaluronan enhanced linear low-density polyethylene for heart valve leaflet applications [1]
        Heterogeneity in the price elasticity of demand for commercial water [1]
        Heuristic-based approach to automatically extract Personalized Attack Graph related concepts from vulnerability descriptions, A [1]
        Hierarchical Bayesian models for population ecology [1]
        High performance and energy efficient shared hybrid last level cache architecture in multicore systems [1]
        Hinduism in the Internet Age : a psychological anthropological study of cultural collisions and Rajasthani emerging adults' well-being [1]
        Histoire à travers identité et mémoire dans Ce que le jour doit à la nuit de Yasmina Khadra [1]
        Historias del Kronen : análisis de las diferencias argumentales entre la novela y la adaptación cinematográfica, y su impacto en la recepción [1]
        History and development of Spanish-language initiatives in public libraries : a case study, The [1]
        History through identity and memory in What the Day Owes the Night by Yasmina Khadra [1]
        HIV and Zika: modeling pathogenesis and therapies in humanized mice [1]
        Holomorphology and systematics of the eastern Nearctic stonefly genus Remenus Ricker (Plecoptera: Perlodidae) [1]
        Hospice care : nurses' experience and perception of older adult patients' experiences [1]
        Hot injection synthesis and characterization of copper antimony selenide non-canonical nanomaterials toward earth-abundant renewable energy conversion [1]
        Household air pollution among women using biomass stoves in Honduras : exposure characterization and associations with exhaled nitric oxide and markers of systemic inflammation [1]
        How Coloradoan's attributes, behaviors, and attitudes affect demand for local food [1]