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        Gallium nitride high electron mobility transistors in chip scale packaging : evaluation of performance in radio frequency power amplifiers and thermomechanical reliability characterization [1]
        Gap analysis of India's Western Ghats protected area network : insights from new and understudied endemic species' distributions [1]
        General model-based decomposition framework for polarimetric SAR images [1]
        Genetic diversity of ACC-deaminase positive bacteria in Colorado soil under winter wheat cultivars (Triticum aestivum L.) [1]
        Genetic parameters for fertility and production traits in Red Angus cattle [1]
        Genetics and genomics of herbicide resistant Kochia scoparia L., The [1]
        Genome instability : a pre-existing condition [1]
        Genomic and non-genomic androgen signaling in human placenta cells [1]
        Genomic and phenomic tools to aid in the utilization of Eastern European and Central Asian wheat germplasm in U.S. hard winter wheat breeding [1]
        Geochemical and mineralogical investigation of breccias at the El Niño Au-Ag Deposit, Elko County, Nevada [1]
        Geology of the footwall of the northern Plomosa Mountains metamorphic core complex, west-central Arizona [1]
        Geometric data analysis approach to dimension reduction in machine learning and data mining in medical and biological sensing, A [1]
        Geophysical constraints on the evolution of an ephemeral channel at the Sand Creek Massacre National Historic Site, Colorado, USA [1]
        Geospatial analyses of childhood malaria following repeated village-wide Ivermectin administrations : secondary analyses for the RIMDAMAL pilot study [1]
        Glass kickers : training men as allies to promote women in leadership [1]
        Glial signaling mechanisms in the progression of neuroinflammatory injury [1]
        Goal matching in couple therapy : individual and couple level trajectories [1]
        Gone song [1]
        Governing complexity : polycentricity and customary property rights in the commons [1]
        Graph-based, systems approach for detecting violent extremist radicalization trajectories and other latent behaviors, A [1]