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        Fabrication of omniphobic and superomniphobic surfaces [1]
        Fabrication of slippery textured and slippery non-textured surfaces [1]
        Facebook as a site of stress reduction and resilience amongst trailing wives living in Alaska [1]
        Facies reconstruction and detrital zircon geochronology of the Ingleside/Casper Formation [1]
        Factor dependent archaeal transcription termination [1]
        Factors affecting China's apparel manufacturing industry's international competitive advantage [1]
        Factors contributing to maize and bean yield gaps in Central America vary with site and agroecological context [1]
        Factors impacting the efficacy of restorative practices [1]
        Factors influencing breeding avifauna abundance and habitat selection in the alpine ecosystem of Colorado [1]
        Factors predicting acceptability of toxicant usage to control feral swine [1]
        FADS2 expression modulates effect of dietary polyunsaturated fatty acids on western diet-induced glucose intolerance [1]
        Fairtrade Access Fund : does linking ethical investment with Fairtrade certification enhance credit outcomes for small farmers?, The [1]
        Farm food safety plans : customizing educational materials for small-scale and campus-based farms [1]
        Fate of Dinwoody Glacier : present state of mass balance and downstream impacts of glacier runoff, The [1]
        Faulting in the Foam Creek Stock, North Cascade Mountains, Washington [1]
        FDOA-based passive source localization : a geometric perspective [1]
        Features based assessments of warm season convective precipitation forecasts from the High Resolution Rapid Refresh model [1]
        Female participation in research and development : the role of government and defense spending [1]
        Feminist epistemological critique of conservation projects in Africa, A [1]
        Finding a solution for the tradeoff between time, cost and sustainability/LEED credits for new construction [1]