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        Calibration of an irradiation facility [1]
        Calling in the United States : prevalence and the role of source [1]
        Campus climate for diversity and its impact on sense of belonging [1]
        Cannabis use in people with Multiple Sclerosis : the highway to lower disability? [1]
        Capture and reconstruction of the topology of undirected graphs from partial coordinates : a matrix completion based approach [1]
        Carbon-ion radiation biological lethal dose distribution [1]
        Carcass bruising location and bruise trim loss in finished steers, cows, and bulls at five commercial slaughter facilities [1]
        Cardiologists and ONCologists Exercise PromoTion Study (CONCEPTS) [1]
        Cardiovascular disease risk in middle-aged ultra-endurance athletes [1]
        Career reentry and the Kaleidoscope Career Model : experiences of high achieving professional women reentering the workforce after opting out [1]
        Cargo induced recruitment of the endocytic adaptor Sla1 and the role of Sla1-clathrin binding in endocytosis [1]
        Case study of barriers inhibiting the growth of information and communication technology (ICT) in a construction firm, A [1]
        Cattle as partners in conservation : the effects of grazing on indicators of rangeland health [1]
        Chained sweet : nanoconfinement of carbohydrates [1]
        Changes in autoreactive B cell lifestyle early in development of autoimmunity [1]
        Changes in taxonomic and functional diversity of aquatic macroinvertebrates along a gradient of stream size and flow stability in the northeastern Colorado Rocky Mountains [1]
        Changing dogma regarding the conformation of electron transferring menaquinone (MK) [1]
        Characterization and treatment of water for unconventional oil wells with temporal variability and fracturing fluid type [1]
        Characterization of changes in metabolic pathways during dengue virus serotype 2 infection of the Aedes aegypti mosquito vector to identify control points for interrupting virus transmission [1]
        Characterization of equine sperm attributes and selection for intracytoplasmic sperm injection [1]