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        Data associated with "Health and environmental justice implications of retiring two coal‐fired power plants in the southern Front Range region of Colorado" [1]
        Data associated with "Simulating secondary organic aerosol in a regional air quality model using the statistical oxidation model – Part 3: Assessing the influence of semi-volatile and intermediate-volatility organic compounds and NOx" [1]
        Data associated with the manuscript: Influence of single-nanoparticle electrochromic dynamics on the durability and speed of smart windows [1]
        Data associated with the manuscript: Investigating Diesel Engines as an Atmospheric Source of Isocyanic Acid in Urban Areas [1]
        Data collected during the pilot campaign of the Citizen-Enabled Aerosol Measurements for Satellites (CEAMS) network in Northern Colorado [1]
        Data set associated with “A low-cost monitor for simultaneous measurement of fine particulate matter and aerosol optical depth – Part 1: Specifications and testing” [1]
        Dataset associated with "A Laboratory Assessment of 120 Air Pollutant Emissions from Biomass and Fossil Fuel Cookstoves [1]
        Dataset associated with "Effects of fuel moisture content on emissions from a rocket-elbow cookstove" [1]
        Dataset associated with "Laboratory Evaluation of Low-cost PurpleAir PM Monitors and In-field Correction using Co-located Portable Filter Samplers" [1]
        Dataset associated with "Temporal Variability Largely Explains Difference in Top-down and Bottom-up Estimates of Methane Emissions from a Natural Gas Production Region" [1]
        Supplementary information for: A road damage and life-cycle greenhouse gas comparison of trucking and pipeline water delivery systems for hydraulically fractured oil and gas field development in Colorado [1]
        Supporting data for the manuscript "Modeling the formation and composition of secondary organic aerosol from diesel exhaust using parameterized and semi-explicit chemistry and thermodynamic models" [1]