• Jessica Forney: capstone 

        Date Submitted:2019
        The artist's statement: I work in a variety of different media and on a vast variety of projects. I typically work in illustration and typography, UX/UI design, and electronic media (photography, info-graphics, and video ...
      • Maddie Shackelford: capstone 

        Date Submitted:2017
        The artist's statement: There used to be an uncomfortable tension between art and craft. That pressure has since dissipated and been replaced with a new tension - that between art and design. Arguably art and design are ...
      • Nick Adkins: capstone 

        Date Submitted:2018
        The artist's statement: I naturally engage influences of science fiction film and video games and applied them to my own design philosophy. I've crafted the foundation of my own style around abstract, sci-fi based scenery ...