Recent Submissions

  • Controlling a 3D printed bionic hand by using brain waves 

    Contributor:Li, Boyan
    Date Submitted:2018
    High quality bionic hands are expensive while low-cost bionic hands have many operational problems during the process of using them. Hence, this thesis aims to improve the stability of low-cost bionic hands. The Hackberry ...
  • Heuristic-Based Review of the Usability of the OSHA Website with respect to Communication Tower Hazards, A 

    Contributor:Al-Allaq, Aiman H.;
    A heuristic review of the usability of the OSHA website with respect to OSHA regulations and other information on Communication Tower Hazards was completed. The heuristics employed in this analysis were Jakob Nielsen’s ...
  • Sustainable solar tricycle design for the future of transporation 

    Contributor:Kreutzmann, Philipp
    Date Submitted:2013
    The United States' energy consumption through fossil-fueld means of transportation accounts for almost one third of the global energy consumption of the transporation sector. As a consequence thereof, environmental pollution ...
  • Weighted multi-criteria energy planning and optimization 

    Contributor:Cakmak, Yunus
    Date Submitted:2017
    Energy planning and optimization involves multiple criteria decision-making process such as fulfilling energy demand, minimizing the emission of carbon-dioxide to the atmosphere, minimizing the consumption of fossil fuels, ...
  • Nanotechnology electrospinning experiment 

    Contributor:Wolfram, Marcus; Daniel, D. Mike; Vigil, Joey; Ansaf, Bahaa; DePalma, Jude; Duong, Trung; Jaksic, Nebojsa I.;
    Electrospinning is a technique which has been used in order to successfully create polymer nanofibers. In this process, a charged polymer jet is collected on a grounded collection plate. A polymer jet is formed when an ...
  • Ionic polymer metal composites used as an actuator 

    Contributor:Al-Allaq, Aiman H.; DeHerrera, Brandon; Ansaf, Bahaa; DePalma, Jude; Duong, Trung; Jaksic, Nebojsa I.; Li, Boyan;
    Ionic Polymer Metal Composites (IPMC) are synthetic composite nanomaterials which can exhibit large dynamic deformation under a low electric field. The applications of these artificial muscles range from biomedical to ...
  • 3-D printing metal objects project 

    Contributor:Armijo, James; Daniel, D. Mike; Ansaf, Bahaa; DePalma, Jude; Duong, Trung; Jaksic, Nebojsa I.;
    Existing machines capable of 3D printing metal objects can cost in the range of millions of dollars and the process can be dangerous. It is desirable to develop a process that is inexpensive, safe, and open source based. ...
  • Solar energy in Pueblo: PV system owner's perspective 

    Contributor:Chikwendu, Tochukwu O.
    Date Submitted:2017
    It is no news that the world’s attention has largely shifted to climate change and global warming emissions. These phenomena caused by human activities result in an increased earth temperature with its attendant effects ...
  • Hydroelectric power generation and distribution planning under supply uncertainty 

    Contributor:Joshi, Govind R.
    Date Submitted:2016
    Hydroelectric power system is a renewable energy type that generates electrical energy from water flow. An integrated hydroelectric power system may consist of water storage dams and run-of-river (ROR) hydroelectric power ...
  • Characterization and applications of electrically-conductive filament in 3D printing 

    Contributor:Desai, Pratik D.
    Date Submitted:2016
    Three dimensional printing (3D printing) a form of rapid prototyping has been conceived by Charles W. Hull in 1986. As design patents pertaining to expensive commercial 3D printers expire, more affordable 3D printers are ...
  • Wheel imbalance effect on the output of wheel impact load detector system (WILD) 

    Contributor:Elsaleiby, Aber Ahmed Said
    Date Submitted:2014
    The current research studies the effect of imbalance on readings taken by Wheel Impact Load Detectors (WILD) system that can totally change the status of the wheels from being alertable or condemnable to a reduced alert ...
  • Energy modeling and possible renewable energy solutions for airports 

    Contributor:Karakaya, Dilan Ecem
    Date Submitted:2016
    Airports involve energy-intensive operations that can considerably lower cost by investing in energy-efficient technologies. Improved lighting, mechanical, HVAC systems and using renewable energy sources are the biggest ...
  • Optical character recognition using artificial neural networks 

    Contributor:McKibbin, Colby L.
    Date Submitted:2015
    Optical character recognition is a complicated task that requires heavy image processing followed by algorithms used to convert that data into a recognized character. While programs exist that already can perform character ...
  • System dynamics simulation model for forecasting energy demand in Pueblo county, A 

    Contributor:Al-Najjar, Wareef
    Date Submitted:2013
    Energy needs and demands are progressively increasing and posing a challenge facing the human race in planning and forecasting in order to meet such needs and demands of tomorrow. The Pueblo County Energy forecasting model ...
  • Target offset models for predictive braking enforcement algorithms in rail vehicles 

    Contributor:Baillargeon, Jay P.;
    Date Submitted:2012
    Predictive braking enforcement algorithms are considered to be a key component of Positive Train Control systems, providing the essential framework for initiating a penalty brake application in the most dire of circumstances. ...
  • Advancing sustainability in higher education : a case study applying STARS to Colorado State University-Pueblo 

    Contributor:Ok, Ayşe Canan
    Date Submitted:2012
    The world's resources are limited, and every passing day, correctly and incorrectly consuming those limited sources, makes them more depleted. Sustainability will help to prevent or postpone the risk of running out of ...
  • Investigating the impact of solar highways on driver’s safety and road maintenance 

    Contributor:Ramesh, Navaneeth K.;
    Date Submitted:2014
    Effective utilization of vacant areas across highways could produce a significant amount of electricity from photovoltaic systems. The space available in the highway right-of-way (ROW) provides an opportunity for the solar ...
  • Statistical analysis and control procedures for railcar truck hunting data 

    Contributor:Morrison, Kenneth L.
    Date Submitted:2013
    Transportation Technology Center, Inc.'s system of wayside detectors collects information on passing railcars. One of the most commonly used detector types is the hunting detector, which measures lateral instability in ...