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        I hope I join the band : narrative, affiliation, and antiracist rhetoric [1]
        I won't stay Indian, I'll keep studying : race, place, and discrimination in a Costa Rican high school [1]
        Identity papers : literacy and power in higher education [1]
        Identity politics of difference : the mixed-race American Indian experience [1]
        Imagined states : nationalism, utopia, and longing in oral cultures [1]
        Implementing the Endangered Species Act on the Platte Basin water commons [1]
        In another time : sketches of Utah history [1]
        In the footsteps of Lewis and Clark : early commemorations and the origins of the national historic trail [1]
        In the realm of Nachan Kan : Postclassic Maya archaeology at Laguna de On, Belize [1]
        In-laws and outlaws : lessons in research and friendship and a report from the archives [1]
        Incidence of travel : recent journeys in ancient South America [1]
        Indian self-rule : first-hand accounts of Indian-white relations from Roosevelt to Reagan [1]
        Indians and mestizos in the "lettered city" : reshaping justice, social hierarchy, and political culture in colonial Peru [1]
        Indigenous bodies, Maya minds : religion and modernity in a transnational K'iche' community [1]
        Indigenous dance and dancing Indian : contested representation in the global era [1]
        Innocents on the ice : a memoir of Antarctic exploration, 1957 [1]
        Innovative approaches to teaching technical communication [1]
        Inside ancient kitchens : new directions in the study of daily meals and feasts [1]
        Insignia of rank in the Nahua world : from the fifteenth to the seventeenth century [1]
        Instead of dying : poems [1]