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        "In memory of the late UMAS program," University of Colorado-Boulder, 1974 [1]
        'Air' tower amid the flood debris [1]
        1935 Commencement Program [1]
        Academic History of USC [1]
        Arrow [1]
        Augustine Cordova (right) and Elmer Duran (left) performing on guitar, at the UMC Glen Miller Ballroom, University of Colorado, Boulder. [1]
        Ben Guerrero: oral history memoir of Latino Veteranos Project [1]
        Betty Martinez: oral history memoir for Teacher Corps Project [1]
        Block gone So. Union Ave. Power House in Background [1]
        Brian Sanchez (back turned), Teatro de Ustedes [1]
        Brian Sanchez (center, top of stairs), demonstration at Regent Hall, CU-Boulder [1]
        Brian Sanchez (left) with two others, Teatro de Ustedes [1]
        Butch Chavez oral history memoir [1]
        Carla Barella: oral history memoir of Teacher Corps Project [1]
        Catherine Magel oral history interview [1]
        Cesar Chavez and Rodolfo "Corky" Gonzales, ca. 1973 [1]
        Chicano Poet Alberto Baltazar Heredia, better known as Alurista, plays a mandolin at an event in 1976. [1]
        Chicano students Jimmie Romero (glasses/winter hat), Richard Pacheco (behind Romero, glasses/winter coat), and others protesting in front of a building on the Adams State College campus, Alamosa, Colorado, holding signs reading, "Down with the unjustice [sic] of the College Standard Board." A sign in Spanish reads "Justicia para la Raza Unida." [1]
        Chicano Wars, The Advent of the Chicano Movement in Pueblo, Colorado, The [1]
        Christopher Beltran: oral history memoir of Latino Veteranos Project [1]