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        Ray and Nancy, with guitars, Teatro de Ustedes [1]
        Receding water in front of the F. J. Bruch Manufacturing Company and the Frank Bacino Fancy Groceries buildings [1]
        Reclaiming Aztlan: Southern Colorado and Chicano activism of the 1970s [1]
        Recommendations for the successful captive breeding of North American river otters (Lontra canadensis) [1]
        Recreational cannabis use is associated with decreased use of prescription and over-the-counter sleep medications [1]
        Reflections of God's character and religious authority in natural imagery in early American literature [1]
        Relationship between Cannabis and Homelessness [1]
        Relationship of power between prostitute and procurer, pimp and trafficker: the ultimate heroine and the ultimate villain in Mauro Zúñiga Araúz's novel "Espejo de Miserias" [1]
        Research agenda for cannabis informatics [1]
        Review of changes at the federal level [1]
        Revolution or retrograde [1]
        Reyes Martinez, Reies Lopez Tijerina, Ray Otero, Patsy Tijerina, unidentified woman (left to right), Boulder, Colo., ca. 1972 [1]
        Ricardo Falcon (middle) wearing Mexicano style vest; Lupe and Danny Valles (seated right); Brian and Ester Sanchez (on left); at University of Colorado, Boulder. [1]
        Ricardo Falcon's funeral. Ricardo Falcon's casket is draped with red, black, white United Farmworkers Union flag, with signature black “Huelga Eagle” and the words PUEBLO. [1]
        Ricardo Sanchez on stage at unknown event, Texas [1]
        Rising from the shadows: a Zellweger baby's journey from Hospice to hope [1]
        Rita J. Martinez: Oral history memoir of La Cucaracha and activism [1]
        Ritual killing in ancient Rome: homicide and Roman superiority [1]
        Ritual killing in ancient Rome: homicide and Roman superiority. [1]
        Roberto "Che" Lara (left) [1]