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        "Are you feeling what I'm feeling?" : an analysis of communication and emotional work of Korean social workers [1]
        "Friends don't let friends fat talk" : memorable messages and the impact of a narrative sharing and dissonance-based intervention on sorority affiliated peer health educators [1]
        "God makes use of feeble means sometimes, to bring about his most exalted purposes" : faith and social action in the lives of evangelical women in antebellum America [1]
        "It's my soul's responsibility" : understanding activists' gendered experiences in anti-fracking grassroots organizations in Northern Colorado [1]
        "Moral Perception" : an examination and revision [1]
        "No class I took in senior year matters compared to what I'm taking now" : the reading and writing transition from high school to college [1]
        "No topic is taboo" : PETA's post-feminist pivot to human-centric imagery [1]
        "The season from hell" : the genre of corporate sports apologia [1]
        "The Tonic of Wildness" : religion and the environment at the YMCA of the Rockies [1]
        "We Flow Like Water" : Contemporary Livelihoods and the Partitioning of the Self among the Chamorro of Guam [1]
        (Dis)connected [1]
        A bewitching semblance of something to be desired : advertising nostalgia and product involvement's relative influence on attitudes and purchase intent among young adults [1]
        A binary approach to the analysis of prehistoric bison distribution and paleoecology in northern Colorado and southern Wyoming [1]
        A Burkean analysis of the Common Core State Standards : revealing motive by analyzing the agent-purpose ratio and critiquing the standards with a postcolonial lens [1]
        A calcium aluminate electride hollow cathode [1]
        A Case Study : Organizational Culture of a Division I Intercollegiate Athletic Department [1]
        A case study evaluation of edible plants curriculum implemented in an elementary school [1]
        A case study of a wheat-free diet on autoimmune disease progression [1]
        A cellular prion protein-dependent signaling pathway for proinflammatory cytokine- and β-amyloid-induced cofilin-actin rod formation [1]
        A channel stability assessment and logistic regression model for a reach of muddy creek below Wolford Mountain Reservoir, in north-central Colorado [1]