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        "Destination Pine Ridge" : a longitudinal case study of barriers to collaboration in culturally appropriate tourism initiatives [1]
        "Hybrid hero" in western dime novels : an analysis of women's gender performance, dress, and identity in the Deadwood Dick series, The [1]
        "I am going to find a new fatherland" : nationalism and German colonization societies in the frontier state of Missouri [1]
        "I feel, therefore I can be free" : Black women and Chicana queer narratives as differential consciousness and foundational theory [1]
        "Learning what to eat" : gender, environment, and the rise of nutritional science in twentieth century America [1]
        "Lovingly tweaked" : genre and gender in Joss Whedon's Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog [1]
        "People already live here" : an ethnographic case study of employed residents of New York City's Graham Public Housing Project [1]
        "Wait, am I blogging?" : an examination of school-sponsored online writing spaces [1]
        "Who is 'you'?" : teaching authentic approaches to audience and genre in first-year composition [1]
        (Said • I • meant) [1]
        (We)ducation : a narrative and autoethnographic analysis of the teaching and learning process postured as an intimate relationship [1]
        :Plainspeak, WY: [1]
        Abundance of ACC deaminase-positive bacteria and their interaction with winter wheat in a Colorado soil, The [1]
        Abundance, survival, and breeding probabilities of the critically endangered waved albatross [1]
        Access control framework for mobile applications, An [1]
        Access to UV photocured nanostructures via selective morphological trapping of block copolymer melts [1]
        Accommodation of haptic learning style in traditional learning environments [1]
        Accounting for spatial substitution patterns and bioeconomic feedback loops : an economic approach to managing inland recreational fisheries [1]
        Accurate prediction of protein function using GOstruct [1]
        Acoustic monitoring system for frog population estimation using in-situ progressive learning [1]