• Prints and books 

        Contributor:Catlett, Rachel Ashley;
        Date Submitted:1991
        My work is about the idea of the individual in group situations. I am interested in this dynamic relationship because each gives to the other. Presenting the individual in a group underlines the distinct similarities and ...
      • Still life paintings 

        Contributor:Bradley, Leah Martine
        Date Submitted:1991
        My paintings speak of order, energy, and at times, of magic. These are phenomena that I sense in nature and in the patterns and rhythms of daily life. I choose to paint simple household objects for their multiple personal ...
      • Southern storm 

        Contributor:Livingston, Carol Lyne;
        Date Submitted:1991
        I create sculpture that reflects a sense of journey and place. Each journey and place is different and is derived from a life experience. These life experiences reflect specific elements of events that have evolved from ...
      • Growth factors, oncogenes, and antioncogenes in the pathogenesis of osteopetrosis and osteosarcoma 

        Contributor:Rebatchi, Abdelaziz;
        Date Submitted:1991
        MAV-2(0) induced avian osteopetrosis is characterized by periosteal bone proliferation in long bones. Comprehensive cellular investigations to detect and understand factors involved in the proliferation of osteopetrosis ...
      • Visual satire of the macho ego 

        Contributor:Conahan, Craig Kintoki;
        Date Submitted:1991
        My work began as a satirical critique of the macho ego, but while it remains largely critical of the macho male, it now embraces a more general human issue. Through manipulation of symbolism and carefully considered usage ...
      • Axis mundi 

        Contributor:Valenti, Anne;
        Date Submitted:1991
        To view the abstract, please see the full text of the document.
      • Essential competencies of exceptional professional software engineers 

        Contributor:Turley, Richard T.;
        Date Submitted:1991
        This dissertation presents a differential study of exceptional and non-exceptional professional software engineers in the work environment. The first phase of the study reports an in-depth review of 20 engineers. The study ...
      • "Too disconnected/too bound up" : the paradox of identity in Mercé Rodoreda's The Time of the Doves 

        Contributor:Short, Kayann;
        Date Submitted:1991
        Feminist theory has shown how women's lives are paradoxically both marginal to, yet affected by, hegemonic discourses of power. However, as long as women's experiences are viewed singularly along an axis of sexual difference, ...
      • Disaggregation of precipitation records 

        Contributor:Cadavid, Luis Guillermo;
        Date Submitted:1991
        This investigation is related to temporal disaggregation of precipitation records. The objective is to formulate algorithms to disaggregate precipitation defined at a given time scale into precipitation of smaller time ...