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        Painting : a transitional process [1]
        Paintings that evoke mystery [1]
        Paintings to be looked at : an effort to unify concept, form, and process [1]
        Paleo-feedbacks in the hydrological and energy cycles in the Community Climate System Model 3 [1]
        Paleohydrologic investigation in the vicinity of Harpers Ferry, West Virginia, A [1]
        Panoramic space and landscape [1]
        Parameterized and multi-level tiled loop generation [1]
        Part I, Electroreductive polymerization of nanoscale solid polymer electrolytes for three-dimensional lithium-ion batteries. Part II, Physical characterization and hydrogen sorption kinetics of solution-synthesized magnesium nanoparticles [1]
        Particular in prints, The [1]
        Passage of time [1]
        Pathogenesis of experimental tuberculosis in guinea pigs [1]
        Patterns of growth dominance and neighborhood effects in eucalyptus plantations and tropical forests [1]
        Peer assisted learning in athletic training education : prevalence, utilization, effectiveness, and potential benefits [1]
        Perceived deterrents to classified staff's voluntary participation in staff development activities [1]
        Perceptions of community college presidents : total quality management performance measures at their colleges [1]
        Perceptions of product blogs in Taiwan [1]
        Perfect tracking for non-minimum phase systems with applications to biofuels from microalgae [1]
        Performance and accuracy enhancements of radiative heat transfer modeling via Monte Carlo [1]
        Performance based design of woodframe structures for flooding [1]
        Performance of Kentucky bluegrass, tall fescue, and buffalograss under line source irrigation [1]