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        Known discharge uncoupled sediment routing [1]
        Kuwaiti engineers' perspectives of the engineering senior design (capstone) course as related to their professional experiences [1]
        Kuwaiti female leaders' perspectives : the influence of culture on their leadership in organizations [1]
        Lagrangian mixing and transport in hurricanes [1]
        Landscape as metaphor [1]
        Landscape heterogeneity at multiple scales : effects on movement patterns and habitat selection of eleodid beetles [1]
        Landscape-scale investigation into the risk of lodgepole pine mortality caused by mountain pine beetle Dendroctonus ponderosae (Coleoptera: Curculioidae: Scolytinae), A [1]
        Laramide transpression and oblique thusting in the northeastern Front Range, Colorado : 3D kinematics of the Livermore Embayment [1]
        Large bore natural gas engine performance improvements and combustion stabilization through reformed natural gas precombustion chamber fueling [1]
        Lasing at 52.9 nm in Ne-like chlorine and steps towards shorter wavelength capillary discharge lasers [1]
        Lead, cadmium and zinc : evaluation of contamination using the NH4HCO3-DTPA soil test [1]
        Leaders in the nonprofit sector : leader and organizational level predictors of leader engagement in self-development activities [1]
        Leadership perceptions of results and return on investment training evaluations [1]
        Light works [1]
        Linear systems and Riemann-Roch theory on graphs [1]
        Listeria control and safe food training for dietary managers [1]
        Listeria monocytogenes and other Listeria species in small and very small ready-to-eat meat processing plants [1]
        Llama use on public lands [1]
        Long-term analysis and appropriate metrics of climate change in Mongolia [1]
        Loss and plenty : a banquet of age and spirit [1]