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        Acceptability, conflict, and support for coastal resource management policies and initiatives in Cebu, Philippines [1]
        Access control models for pervasive computing environments [1]
        Activation of gene expression in yeast [1]
        Activity participation and motivation in Down syndrome [1]
        Acute ascorbic acid administration improves exercise hyperemia during rhythmic but not single contractions in aging humans [1]
        Adolescents and nutrition information-seeking : the role of the Internet [1]
        Advanced decentralized wastewater management planning study and demonstration project for the CSU Foothills Campus, An [1]
        Advective-diffusive gaseous transport in porous media : the molecular diffusion regime [1]
        Adventures in roller derby [1]
        Aerosol single-scattering albedo retrieval over North Africa using critical reflectance [1]
        African American parental values and perceptions toward children's playfulness [1]
        Aging related co-contraction effects on balance recovery using the ankle strategy [1]
        Algorithmic implementation of expert object recognition in ventral visual pathway, An [1]
        Algorithms and geometric analysis of data sets that are invariant under a group action [1]
        Allegory and metaphor in tableware [1]
        Alteration of differentiation and growth of normal human epidermal keratinocytes by benzo[a]pyrene and arsenic [1]
        Alterations in lumbar spine mechanics due to degenerative disc disease [1]
        Alzheimer's disease and family caregiving : loss of the family caregiver role [1]
        Amyloid beta dimer/trimer : a potent stimulator of neuronal amyloid beta secretion and cofilin-actin rod formation, The [1]
        Analysis of ethical consumption participation and motivation, An [1]