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        Bulking coefficients of aerated flow during wave overtopping simulation on protected land-side slopes [1]
        Burden of acute gastrointestinal illness and foodborne illness caused by five major pathogens among nondeployed active duty US Army service members 2014-2015, The [1]
        Burkean analysis of the Common Core State Standards: revealing motive by analyzing the agent-purpose ratio and critiquing the standards with a postcolonial lens, A [1]
        Burn Scars and Burnt S'mores: The Impact of Wildfire on Camping Demand in the Years After A Fire Occurs [1]
        But not this book [1]
        Buying habits of women and girls in selecting clothing for the high school girl [1]
        By their own standards: a new perspective for the question of moral agency in animals [1]
        Bystander helping in response to a staged incident of cyberaggression [1]
        C3HeB/FeJ mice as a novel preclinical mouse model for Mycobacterium tuberculosis: an analysis of the host pathogenesis and the in vivo environment of the necrotic granuloma, The [1]
        Cache la Poudre AquaBlitz: exploring watershed ecology with elementary and middle school students, The [1]
        Calcium aluminate electride hollow cathode, A [1]
        Calcium signaling genes in association with altitude-induced pulmonary hypertension in Angus cattle [1]
        Calcium, telomere length, and parasitism in passerines nesting at high elevation [1]
        Calibration and uncertainty of a head-discharge relationship for overshot gates under field conditions [1]
        Calibration of an irradiation facility [1]
        Calibration of the Pierre Auger Observatory fluorescence detectors and the effect on measurements [1]
        Call of Cthulhu and Vampire: the Masquerade: invocation, spatiality, and ritual transcendence in two tabletop role-playing games [1]
        Calling and meaningful work among student military veterans: impact on well-being and experiences on campus [1]
        Calling in the United States: prevalence and the role of source [1]