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        Structural characterization of doped nanostructured magnesium: understanding disorder for enhanced hydrogen absorption kinetics [1]
        Structural engineering masters level education framework of knowledge for the needs of initial professional practice [1]
        Structural equation modeling of rural adolescent inhalant abuse across ethnic groups [1]
        Structural evolution and rheology of the Paposo shear zone in the Atacama fault system, northern Chile [1]
        Structural evolution of the gold quarry deposit and implications for development, Eureka County, Nevada [1]
        Structural evolution of the Potosí uplift, Sierra Madre Oriental, northeastern Mexico [1]
        Structural geology and tectonic setting of the Cherry Creek Metamorphic Suite, Southern Madison Range [1]
        Structural health monitoring MEMS sensors using elasticity-based beam vibrations [1]
        Structural insights into chromatin assembly factor 1 and nucleosome assembly mechanism [1]
        Structural optimization of 3D printed hdyroxyapatite scaffolds [1]
        Structural systems with suspended and self-centered floor slabs for earthquake resistance [1]
        Structure and dynamics of supercooled SPC/E water confined in silica nanopores and equilibrium glassy films: a two-system study, The [1]
        Structure energy relationship of biological halogen bonds [1]
        Structure in combinatorial optimization and its effect on heuristic performance [1]
        Structure of calling and vocation across gender and age cohort [1]
        Structure of narrative in Cormac McCarthy's Child of God, The [1]
        Structure of the Madden-Julain oscillation in coupled and uncoupled versions of the superparameterized community atmosphere model [1]
        Structure-function relationships underlying GluA2 mechanisms of deactivation, desensitization, and modulation [1]
        Stuck in the middle: Generation Xers lived experiences in the workforce while navigating between Baby Boomers and Millennials, and perceived impact on their job satisfaction [1]
        Student and instructor use and perspectives on the Engage e-reader and associated e-books [1]