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        Black bear ecology and human-bear interactions in an urban system [1]
        Black Lives Matter as "social movement": theorizing the materiality of movement of the social [1]
        Blending model output with satellite-based and in-situ observations to produce high-resolution estimates of population exposure to wildfire smoke [1]
        Block-based detection methods for underwater target detection and classification from electro-optical imagery [1]
        Bloom [1]
        Blue sail come cover [1]
        Board member perceptions of board effectiveness in public community colleges: an interpretative phenomenological analysis [1]
        Body image, mood, and coping strategies during exercise abstinence for male and female obligatory exercisers [1]
        Body is an experiment of the mind: with and without self [1]
        Body my mother gave me, The [1]
        Body size, first year breeding, and extra-pair paternity in an island endemic, the Island Scrub-Jay [1]
        Bone density in competitive cyclists: a longitudinal assessment across the cycling season [1]
        Bone mineral density in habitual climbers: an analogue for early hominins? [1]
        Borderlands of Black mixed-race women's identity: navigating hegemonic monoraciality in a White supremacist heteropatriarchal society, The [1]
        Botanical environments [1]
        Boundary layer features observed during NAME 2004 [1]
        Bovine tuberculosis slaughter surveillance in the United States: assessment of its trace-back function 2001-2010 [1]
        Bovine tuberculosis surveillance at cattle abattoirs in Ireland, 2008 [1]
        Braided river response to eight decades of human disturbance, Denali National Park and Preserve, AK [1]
        Brain drain and reverse brain drain: individual decision making and implications for economic growth [1]