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        Yeast prion physiology [1]
        Yeast-based assay system for the study of environmentally induced copy number variation, A [1]
        Yield and quality of cool-season perennial grasses for forage and biomass feedstocks in Northeast Colorado [1]
        Yoga improves balance, balance confidence, and occupational performance for adults with diabetic peripheral neuropathy : a pilot study [1]
        Yoga improves functional gait and health-related quality of life for adults with diabetic peripheral neuropathy : a pilot study [1]
        You are very adaptable and other essays [1]
        You've only got your looks to lose : the effects of message framing and individual-level differences on selective exposure to health messages [1]
        Young adults' marital attitudes and intentions : the role of parental conflict, divorce and gender [1]
        Young, the old, and the in-between : constructing intergenerational identities and interactions in organizational contexts, The [1]
        Youth attendance at dependency court proceedings : a mixed methods study of judicial officers and youth [1]
        Yttrium iron garnet nano films : epitaxial growth, damping, spin pumping, and magnetic proximity effect [1]
        Zen and the art of conquest : a southerly misadventure with Phaedrus and other essays [1]
        Zeolite-amended backfills for enhanced metals containment via soil-bentonite vertical cutoff walls [1]
        Zika virus noncoding sfRNA sequesters viral restriction factors involved in RNA splicing and nucleic acid editing [1]
        |Harm harness harmony| [1]
        β-lactam resistance mechanisms in Burkholderia pseudomallei and the tools used for their elucidation [1]
        Γ (Gamma) : cloud-based analog circuit design system [1]