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        Wake up, beast [1]
        Wake vortices and tropical cyclogenesis downstream of Sumatra over the Indian Ocean [1]
        Walk like a man: a content analysis of anti-sexual violence websites for men [1]
        Walking in another's skin: the cultivation of empathy and intercultural understanding in the International Baccalaureate Program [1]
        Walleye dermal sarcoma virus Orf C: a potential oncolytic therapy [1]
        War within, The [1]
        Warm season turfgrasses as potential candidates to phytoremediate arsenic pollutants at Obuasi Goldmine in Ghana [1]
        Warrior nation [1]
        Waste heat driven turbo-compression cooling [1]
        Waste heat recovery from a high temperature diesel engine [1]
        Waste to resource - beneficial use of water treatment residuals as a stormwater control measure amendment for phosphorus removal [1]
        Water conservation and nutrient, sediment, and herbicide movement in furrow-irrigated tillage systems [1]
        Water conservation methods to conserve the High Plains aquifer and Arikaree River Basin: a case study on the Arikaree River [1]
        Water consumption in the bee colony and the proportions of sugar and water for stimulative feeding in the spring [1]
        Water management and reuse strategies for unconventional oil and gas fields [1]
        Water oxidation catalysis beginning with cobalt polyoxometalates: determining the dominant catalyst under electrocatalytic conditions and investigation of the surface properties of Co3O4 nanoparticles [1]
        Water quality and survivability of Didymosphenia geminata [1]
        Water quality benefits of wetlands under historic and potential future climate in the Sprague River watershed, Oregon [1]
        Water quality changes at a streamflow augmentation project, Lower South Platte River, Colorado [1]
        Water quality trading in Jordan Lake, North Carolina: economic, hydrological, behavioral, and ecological aspects [1]