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        James M. David: the composer, his compositional style, and a conductor's analysis of Symphony No. 1 - Codex Gigas [1]
        Jazz musicians as academic leaders: improvisation in higher education [1]
        Job hunting in the digital age: how socialization messages are communicated to information seekers through corporate websites [1]
        Job satisfaction in fraternity and sorority advising [1]
        Job satisfaction of new teachers in Malaysia: understanding challenges and experiences of leaving the profession [1]
        Joint elimination retrofits and thermal loading analysis in plate girder bridge using health monitoring and finite element simulations [1]
        Joint programs between high school departments of agriculture and home economics in Negro schools [1]
        Joint shape and motion estimation from echo-based sensor data [1]
        Joint tail modeling via regular variation with applications in climate and environmental studies [1]
        Jordanian social studies teachers' attitudes and their perceptions of competency needed for implementing technology in their classrooms [1]
        Journey begins: a narrative inquiry into the mentorship and support of novice principals, The [1]
        Jumping and swimming performance of burbot and white sucker: implications for barrier design [1]
        Junior agricultural extension work [1]
        Junipers, The [1]
        Just another teen movie: analyzing portrayals of teenage romantic relationships across a decade of top-grossing teen films [1]
        Justice, democracy and the siting of nuclear waste repositories: the Buan and Gyungju cases of South Korea [1]
        Justicia ambiental en la República de Guinea Ecuatorial y su realidad pos-petróleo [1]
        k-simplex volume optimizing projection algorithms for high-dimensional data sets [1]
        Kansas community and technical colleges safety and security directors preparation for campus active shooters: a thematic analysis study [1]
        Keeping the lights on: post-apocalyptic narrative, social critique, and the cultural politics of emotion [1]