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        B.C. Farmers' Food Donation Tax Credit: investigating usage among farmers' market vendors, The [1]
        Bacillary response to chemotherapy in preclinical animal models used to evaluate TB drugs, The [1]
        Bacterial coldwater disease investigations [1]
        Bacterial culture components activating colorimetric transition in polydiacetylene nanofiber composites [1]
        Bacterial rotting of celery roots, A [1]
        Baffle-post structures for flow control in open channels [1]
        Balance of design methodology for enterprise quality attribute consideration in System-of-Systems architecting, A [1]
        Balanced and transient aspects of the intertropical convergence zone [1]
        Banana marketing performance in Blantyre Agricultural Development Division, Malawi [1]
        Banners, triangles and fire [1]
        Baptists and slavery in frontier Missouri during the antebellum era [1]
        Barium extraction from liquid xenon on a cryoprobe for the nEXO experiment and a nucleon decay search using EXO-200 data [1]
        Barium tagging in solid xenon for the EXO experiment [1]
        Barriers to establishment and growth of cottonwoods in Yellowstone National Park's northern range [1]
        Barriers to nutrition management among people living with HIV on antiretroviral therapy [1]
        Barstool consequences: college students' risk perceptions when interacting with Barstool Sports' modeling of the college experience through Instagram [1]
        Baseline evaluation of indoor air quality from Nicaraguan households using traditional cook stoves [1]
        Basic methods of irrigating greenhouse carnations [1]
        Basura del mundo: cambio social, distopía y consumo en las novelas futuristas Waslala y Zombie, La [1]
        Bats as reservoir hosts: exploring novel viruses in New World bats [1]