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        A is for audience: an examination of audience construction, focalization, and politicization in contemporary children's ABC books [1]
        Abelian surfaces with real multiplication over finite fields [1]
        Abiotic and biotic factors influencing western United States coniferous forests [1]
        Aboveground woody biomass estimation of green ash trees (Fraxinus pennsylvanica Marsh.) along Colorado's Northern Front Range in response to the invasive emerald ash borer (Agrilus plannipenis Fairmaire) [1]
        Absolute and relative chronology of a complex alpine game drive site (5BL148), Rollins Pass, Colorado [1]
        Abstract hyperovals, partial geometries, and transitive hyperovals [1]
        Abstraction, ideology and identity [1]
        Abundance of ACC deaminase-positive bacteria and their interaction with winter wheat in a Colorado soil, The [1]
        Abundance, survival, and breeding probabilities of the critically endangered waved albatross [1]
        Abusive supervision and employee perceptions of leaders' implicit followership theories [1]
        Academic engagement: university student athletes meta-analysis [1]
        Academic writing retreats for graduate students: a qualitative case study [1]
        Accelerating NOvA's Feldman-Cousins procedure using High Performance Computing platforms [1]
        Accelerating waters: an Anthropocene history of Colorado's 1976 Big Thompson Flood [1]
        Accelerometer measurements of physical activity in pregnant adolescents [1]
        Acceptability, conflict, and support for coastal resource management policies and initiatives in Cebu, Philippines [1]
        Access control framework for mobile applications, An [1]
        Access control models for pervasive computing environments [1]
        Access to UV photocured nanostructures via selective morphological trapping of block copolymer melts [1]
        Accessibility and inclusion in higher education: an inquiry of faculty perceptions and experiences [1]