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        S-nitrosylation mediates synaptic plasticity in the retina [1]
        Sacajawea pageant unit as a core for the integration of instruction, A [1]
        Saddlepoint approximation to functional equations in queueing theory and insurance mathematics [1]
        Sage grouse movements and habitat selection in North Park, Colorado [1]
        Saint Charles River Project : an exploration of prehistoric trade, exchange and Apishapa architectural patterning in southeastern Colorado, The [1]
        Salient features of the D3R radar enhancements [1]
        Salmonella contamination in poultry – are we missing a potential reservoir? [1]
        Samantha Stephens as the Third-World feminist other : border theory and Bewitched [1]
        Sampling methodology tradeoffs : evaluating monitoring strategies for the endangered humpback chub (Gila cypha) in the Little Colorado River, Arizona [1]
        Sampling strategies for forest aerial detection survey in Colorado [1]
        Sanctions : protectionism, environment, and macro-level impacts [1]
        Sand dispersion in a laboratory flume [1]
        Sandhill crane population monitoring, modeling, and harvest decision making [1]
        Satellite constraints on surface concentrations of particulate matter [1]
        Satisfaction with outdoor recreation : analyzing multiple data sets [1]
        Saving the Equal Weight View from itself : a modest approach to strong conciliation [1]
        Sc-26196, a delta-6 desaturase inhibitor, normalizes glucose tolerance in ob/ob mice [1]
        Scalable large margin pairwise learning algorithms [1]
        Scalable learning of actions from unlabeled videos [1]
        Scalable visual analytics over voluminous spatiotemporal data [1]