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        Machine learned boundary definitions for an expert's tracing assistant in image processing [1]
        Machine learning models towards elucidating the plant intron retention code [1]
        Machine learning techniques for energy optimization in mobile embedded systems [1]
        Machine learning-based fusion studies of rainfall estimation from spaceborne and ground-based radars [1]
        Macrophage receptor-mediated recognition, response and treatment of Leishmania major infection [1]
        Macroscopic manifestations [1]
        Madden-Julian Oscillation teleconnections and their influence on Northern Hemisphere winter blocking [1]
        Magmatic-hydrothermal fluid history of the Harrison Pass Pluton, Ruby Mountains, NV : implications for the Ruby Mountains-East Humboldt Range metamorphic core complex and Carlin-type Au deposits, The [1]
        Magnificence in motion : climate and forest composition in Glacier National Park [1]
        Maintaining employment in turbulent times : the bridging of resilience and resistance in hotel employees [1]
        Maintaining leachate flow through a leach bed reactor during anaerobic digestion of high-solids cattle manure [1]
        Making ends meet in a social context : grandparent childcare during the 2008 recession, debt of the poor and financial innovation, and relative poverty's effect on election outcomes [1]
        Making meaning of whiteness : life experiences that inform culturally conscious student affairs leaders [1]
        Making my image [1]
        Making training stick : a close examination of how trainee readiness, supervisor support, and practice foster transfer in a mobile technology-based training program [1]
        Making with attention [1]
        Male dominated field : a study on the gendered experiences of female farmers in Northern Colorado, The [1]
        Male engineers : an interpretive phenomenological analysis of the experiences of persistence in higher education [1]
        Malicious innocence [1]
        Mammalian habitat use along a residential development gradient in northern Colorado [1]