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        L2 exposure effect on avoidance of phrasal verbs by Arab ESL learners, The [1]
        Labor requirements, irrigated crops 1947: labor requirements for producing sugar beets, potatoes, barley, and beans under irrigation, Weld County, 1947 [1]
        Laboratory evaluation of a microfluidic electrochemical sensor for aerosol oxidative load [1]
        Laboratory evaluation of a post-fire ground treatment to mitigate soil erosion and runoff [1]
        Laboratory mouse models for bartonella bacterial infection: bacteremia, host specificity, and pathology [1]
        Lagrangian mixing and transport in hurricanes [1]
        Lagrangian perspective on deep convective tropical raining systems, A [1]
        Lake Street weavings [1]
        Land of 10,000 pixels: applications of remote sensing & geospatial data to improve forest management in northern Minnesota, USA [1]
        Land surface sensitivity of mesoscale convective systems [1]
        Land use restrictions and household transportation choice [1]
        Landfill gas analysis to support an assessment of organic waste stability [1]
        Landscape and memory [1]
        Landscape as metaphor [1]
        Landscape heterogeneity at multiple scales: effects on movement patterns and habitat selection of eleodid beetles [1]
        Landscape-scale investigation into the risk of lodgepole pine mortality caused by mountain pine beetle Dendroctonus ponderosae (Coleoptera: Curculioidae: Scolytinae), A [1]
        Landslide response to climate change in Denali National Park, Alaska, and other permafrost regions [1]
        Language games [1]
        Language variation in electronic text-based messages: the social differentiation of representing speech and orality in EMC [1]
        Laramide transpression and oblique thusting in the northeastern Front Range, Colorado: 3D kinematics of the Livermore Embayment [1]