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        Kansas community and technical colleges safety and security directors preparation for campus active shooters: a thematic analysis study [1]
        Keeping the lights on: post-apocalyptic narrative, social critique, and the cultural politics of emotion [1]
        Ketones in the troposphere: studies of loss processes, emissions, and production [1]
        Key complex issues impacting public private partnerships for transportation renewal projects in the United States [1]
        Kilti Pyebwa, the culture of trees: the value of local knowledge in coupled social-ecological systems of rural Haiti [1]
        Kinematic and kinetic analysis of canine pelvic limb amputees at a trot [1]
        Kinematic and kinetic analysis of canine thoracic limb amputees at a trot [1]
        Kinematic design and motion planning of fault tolerant robots with locked joint failures [1]
        Kinematic design of redundant robotic manipulators that are optimally fault tolerant [1]
        Kinematic structures, diabatic profiles, and precipitation systems in West Africa during summer 2006 [1]
        Kinetic and mechanistic studies of supported-nanoparticle heterogeneous catalyst formation in contact with solution [1]
        Kinetic control of solid state metathesis reactions [1]
        Kinetic model development of the M13 bacteriophage life cycle, A [1]
        Kinetic, kinematic and electromyographic analysis of cranial cruciate ligament rupture using a monopolar radiofrequency energy model [1]
        Kinetics of proteins on lipid bilayers, The [1]
        Kinetochore protein KNL1 links kinetochore-microtubule attachment and checkpoint signaling during mitosis, The [1]
        Knowledge integration in transdisciplinary research: a case study of the socio-ecological complexity project [1]
        Knowledge management for adaptive planning and decision-making in federal land management agencies [1]
        Knowledge management in the building industry [1]
        Knowledge of and attitudes towards eating disorders of undergraduate nutrition majors at three Colorado universities [1]