Recent Submissions

  • Phylogeny of the Celastreae (Celastraceae) inferred using chloroplast and nuclear loci 

    Contributor:Cappa, Jennifer J.; Daw, Allison L.; Simmons, Mark P.;
    Date Submitted:2007
    The phylogenetic inference presented of the Celastreae (Celastraceae) is based on four loci: matK and trnL-F from the chloroplast genome and ITS and 26S rDNA from the nuclear genome. The species sampled are combined with ...
  • Human-wildlife interactions and the Potential for Conflict Index 

    Contributor:Hummer, Caroline; Vaske, Jerry J.; Needham, Mark D.;
    Date Submitted:2007
    Determine acceptability of management actions in scenarios varying by severity of human-wildlife interaction and species involved, using the Potential for Conflict Index and Analysis of Variance
  • Drawings from the Golden Age transformed 

    Contributor:Thrasher, Rebekah L.;
    Date Submitted:2007
    The purpose of this project was to find historical illustrations from the Gold Age of Fashion (approximately 1912-1930) and transform them into illustrations appropriate for the modern viewer. The original illustrations ...
  • Effect of Histone H3 E73D Mutation on in vitro Chromatin Silencing 

    Contributor:Colbert, Karen; Subramanian, Vidya; Thompson, Jeffrey; Luger, Karolin;
    Date Submitted:2007
    Organization of DNA into chromatin requires the presence of small basic proteins called histones. Core histones are highly conserved across various species. In addition to their function as DNA packing material, histones ...