Recent Submissions

  • Effects of body condition scores and fat depots on gene expression of fatty acid synthase in horses 

    Contributor:Doran, Lynn A.; Yemm, R.; Dickinson, C. E.; Hossner, Kim L.;
    Date Submitted:2005
    The current study was designed to examine the expression of fatty acid synthase (FAS) genes in horse adipose tissue. Subcutaneous and visceral fat samples were collected from Quarter horses with obese or normal body condition ...
  • ERP study of metaphor processing 

    Contributor:Gibson, Linzi M.; Schmidt, Gwen L.;
    Date Submitted:2005
    What is the role of the right hemisphere in processing metaphors? One theory suggests that metaphor processing in the RH is part of amore general function of the RH, coarse semantic coding (Beeman,1998). The LH mediates ...
  • Characterizing a mosquito gut bacterial community 

    Contributor:Kemp, Janet A.; Lang, Gail M.; DuTeau, Nancy M.;
    Date Submitted:2005
    Mosquitoes are common vectors of devastating diseases that infect both humans and animals. Methods of control, such as insecticides and vaccines, are losing their effectiveness. Alternative strategies need to be considered. ...
  • Social distance and diversity 

    Contributor:Barton, Moriah; Metcalfe, Michelle; Downey, Eleanor Pepi;
    Date Submitted:2005
    The authors created a survey using the Bogardus Social Distance scale to answer the following: What are the tolerance levels of college students from a predominately white society towards people of different ethnicities, ...
  • Activation of muscle spindle afferents increases force fluctuations in the knee extensor muscles 

    Contributor:Coellen, Eric T; Cuaresma, Lindsay S.; Intlekofer, Karlie A.; Tracy, Brian L.;
    Date Submitted:2005
    The purpose of this project was to examine the effect of acute tendon vibration on fluctuations in force during contractions of the knee extensor muscles in young healthy subjects.
  • Effect of over-expression of ζ-crystallin on glutaminase mRNA stability, The 

    Contributor:Propst, Keri J.; Taylor, Lynn; Lee, Yeon; Curthoys, Norman P.;
    Date Submitted:2005
    During metabolic acidosis, increased renal catabolism of glutaminegenerates ammonium and bicarbonate ions to partially restore normal acid-basebalance. The remaining carbons derived from glutamine are then used to ...
  • Relationship between nicotine and neurophysiology in schizophrenia, The 

    Contributor:Nolan, Megan; Nicksic, C.; Tassi, M.; Davalos, Deana;
    Date Submitted:2005
    Abnormalities of the nicotinic cholinergic system in the brain have been noted in a number of clinical disorders. The higher than average rate of smoking in clinical populations has been theorized as being related to ...
  • Influence of early exercise on bone mineral density in equine distal third metacarpal condyles 

    Contributor:Zimmerman, Chelsea A.; Duesterdieck, K.; Kawcak, Chris E.;
    Date Submitted:2005
    Although musculoskeletal injuries have a large impact on the horse industries, little is known as to the effects of early exercise. Prior research suggests that repeated loading and exercise leads to an increase in higher ...
  • Effect of dominant negative MKK expression on pH-induced increases in PEPCK mRNA levels 

    Contributor:O'Hayre, Morgan; Taylor, Lynn; Curthoys, Norman P.;
    Date Submitted:2005
    Acid-base homeostasis is essential for survival. When metabolic acidosis is induced by factors such as prolonged starvation, severe shock, high protein diet, or uncontrolled type I diabetes, the kidneys act to compensate ...
  • Potential role of cholesterol in the migration of neurons containing gonadotropin-releasing hormone 

    Contributor:Wadas, Brandon; Edelmann, M.; Spivak, I.; Feinstein, E.; Schwarting, G.; Intlekofer, K.; Tobet, Stuard;
    Date Submitted:2005
    Signaling by Sonic Hedgehog (Shh) is instrumental in the development of midline facial and forebrain structures. Signaling by Shh can be dependent upon conjugation with cholesterol. Structural abnormalities related to ...
  • Evaluation of Aedes aegypti densonucleosis (AeDNV) infection in adult mosquito mortality 

    Contributor:Plake, Emily M.; Doehling, Malena; Bray, Stacey; Carlson, Jon; Suchman, Erica;
    Date Submitted:2005
    Aedes aegypti densonucleosis virus (AeDNV) has long been considered a likely agent in biologic control against arthropod-borne diseases. Extensive studies have been done to evaluate infection and pathogeneses in Aedes ...
  • Characterization of the bacterial midgut community of wild-caught Aedes aegypti 

    Contributor:Shimizu, Julia; DuTeau, Nancy M.;
    Date Submitted:2005
    It is estimated that 10 to the 14th power microbes make the human gut home, outnumbering the total number of cells in the body. The importance of microbes in the digestive system of mammals is fairly well known. However ...
  • Ocular dominance and subjective color perception : a study using the Fechner-Benham Visual Illusion 

    Contributor:Kellogg, Jessica M.; O'Shea, Geoffrey;
    Date Submitted:2005
    Past research has demonstrated differences in visual processing between the dominant, or preferred eye, and the non-dominant, or less preferred eye. Researchers have accounted for these differences according to either ...