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        Activation of muscle spindle afferents increases force fluctuations in the knee extensor muscles [1]
        Analysis of ACC, FAS, LPL, PPARg, and SCD expression in horses [1]
        Assessing genetic diversity and phenotypic plasticity in Cirsium arvense: evaluation with greenhouse trials and ISSR [1]
        Assessing the variability of snow surfaces [1]
        ATM and CHK-1 activity in young versus senescent human fibroblasts [1]
        Bridging the gap between the old and young? [1]
        Capture the flag: computer science style [1]
        Celebrate Undergraduate Research and Creativity -- CURC 2016 [1]
        Celebrate Undergraduate Research and Creativity at Colorado State University: showcase 2016 [1]
        Characterization of the bacterial gut community in wild Aedes aegypti [1]
        Characterization of the bacterial midgut community of wild-caught Aedes aegypti [1]
        Characterizing a mosquito gut bacterial community [1]
        Chemotherapeutic responses in canine lymphoma models after treatment with the CHOP protocol [1]
        Conocimiento e impedimentos de metodos anticonceptivos: las mujeres del Centro de Salud en Cerro Verde, Cochambamba, Bolivia [1]
        Coping with a negative social interaction: the role of age and depressive symptoms [1]
        Copper chaperones in Arabidopsis thaliana. intra cellular copper trafficking: uptake, delivery and regulation [1]
        Creation of an endA mutant strain in Pseudomonas aeruginosa PAO1 using gene replacement [1]
        CURC 2016 [1]
        Design with a client in mind: using an abstract model for apparel design [1]
        Development and characterization of an anti-bat antisera and its implementation in screening for rabies antibody in bats via ELISA and IFA [1]