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        "If you're on good terms with those people, you'll always have a place to eat": a Bourdieusian approach to food justice in a pay-what-you-can café [1]
        "It's my soul's responsibility": understanding activists' gendered experiences in anti-fracking grassroots organizations in northern Colorado [1]
        "People already live here" An ethnographic case study of employed residents of New York City's Graham Public Housing Project [1]
        "Playing school": Latinos and role performance as students [1]
        "Power" of coal, The: the US Diplomatic Coal Regime under the current global environmental discourse [1]
        'Demand management' and injustice in rural agricultural irrigation in western Colorado: an anatomy of ambivalence [1]
        'We couldn't even pass a resolution strongly condemning something': decision-making and procedural injustice at Rocky Flats [1]
        Analysis of ethical consumption participation and motivation, An [1]
        Assessment of previously unresolved homicide cases in Colorado to investigate patterned outcomes leading to resolution, An [1]
        Beliefs, ideologies, contexts and climate change: the role of human values and political orientations in western European and transition states [1]
        Belonging: identity, emotion work, and agency of intercountry Korean adoptees [1]
        Citizens, experts and the environmental impact statement: procedural structures and participatory boundaries [1]
        Collaborative concession in food movement networks: the uneven relations of resource mobilization [1]
        Colorado school safety: an examination of web availability of emergency management information [1]
        Connecting to nature via ecotourism as sustainable development [1]
        Correctional personnel attitudes toward crime causation: free will or determinism? [1]
        Creating a tribal national park: barriers that constrain and mechanisms that promote collaborative and adaptive environmental management [1]
        Culture wars? Applying categorical variation measures to the study of sociocultural and political polarization [1]
        Cumulative disaster exposure and coping capacity of women and their children in southeast Louisiana [1]
        Cut off in chaos: communication and life-saving action amid rising rural water during the 2013 Colorado Floods [1]