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        "Moral perception" : an examination and revision [1]
        Authenticity and animal welfare : understanding and ameliorating the suffering of dairy cows and their calves [1]
        Beauty and openness : Kant's aesthetic judgment of taste, Yogācāra, and open presence meditation [1]
        Beauty and the treatment of addiction [1]
        By their own standards : a new perspective for the question of moral agency in animals [1]
        Complexity of the mind : rejecting modularity on the basis of cognitive penetration and cognitive phenomenology, The [1]
        Constructivism and the phenomenology of moral deliberation [1]
        David Hume's theory of justice : an examination of the possibility of an instinctual concept of property and natural virtue of justice [1]
        Davidson and the idiolectic view [1]
        Defense of Buddhist virtue ethics, A [1]
        Donald Davidson : meaning, triangulation, and convention [1]
        Escape from anger and other Buddhist contributions to the philosophy of emotions, An [1]
        Ethical hunter : how to consume animal life, The [1]
        Ethical realism and the Darwinian Dilemma [1]
        Evaluating the food system with a Noddings-style care ethic [1]
        For a species moral right to exist : the imperative of an adequate environmental ethics [1]
        Friendship and the role of emotion in Aristotelian and Stoic conceptions of eudaimonia [1]
        From Pyrrhonism to Madhyamaka : paradoxical solutions to skeptical problems [1]
        Holding agriculture accountable : moral obligations in the dairy industry [1]
        How does death harm the person who dies? [1]