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        'Philosopher gone wild' wins theology prize : $1.1 million award honors innovators in the study of religion and spirituality [1]
        'Tree hugger' awarded Templeton Prize : religion honor is worth $1 million [1]
        'Tree hugger' wins $1M spiritual prize : Presbyterian minister at one with nature, religion, humans [1]
        Blessing the planet : Templeton Prize winner links ecology to theology [1]
        Charles Taylor, Freeman Dyson, John Polkinghorne, John Barrow, Ian Barbour, Holmes Rolston, Martin Rees [1]
        Charles Townes, John Barrow, Holmes Rolston and Paul Davies [1]
        Chronicle : Prof. Holmes Rolston, III, 2003 Templeton Prize Laureate, A [1]
        Colorado professor wins Templeton Religion Prize [1]
        CSU prof wins top-notch prize : Rolston, 'father of environmental ethics,' plans trip to Buckingham Palace [1]
        CSU professor wins top philosophy prize [1]
        Dr. Rolston and Sir John Templeton shaking hands [1]
        Dr. Rolston and Templeton party leave Claridge's Hotel [1]
        Dr. Rolston receives Templeton Prize from Prince Philip [1]
        Dr. Rolston speaks at the press conference [1]
        Dr. Rolston, Sir John Templeton and Jack Templeton [1]
        Environmentalist wins $1m prize : Professor Holmes Rolston III, a philosopher leading the international debate on environmental ethics, has been awarded the one-million-dollar Templeton Prize [1]
        Gallery of the Templeton Laureates from 1973-2018, including Holmes Rolston, A [1]
        Genes, genesis and God Radio interview with Rachael Kohn (Radio National - Australia) [1]
        Holmes Rolston III wins 2003 Templeton Prize [1]
        Holmes Rolston wins Templeton Prize [1]