• September hawking on Clinch Mountain 

        Author(s):Rolston, Holmes, 1932-
        Fall raptor migrations observed from Clinch Mountain, Washington County, Virginia, late 1950s, early 1960s.
      • Bristolian shoots rapids on America's wildest river 

        Author(s):Rolston, Holmes, 1932-
        Rolston's account of a river run through the Grand Canyon, Lee's Ferry to Lake Mead, July 27-August 5, 1967.
      • Mystery and majesty in Washington County 

        Author(s):Rolston, Holmes, 1932-
        Rolston's accounts exploring fauna, flora, and natural history in Washington County, Southwestern Virginia, during a decade of residence there, 1960s. A tribute to the Southern Appalachian hills that once were home.
      • Hewn and cleft from this rock: meditation at the PreCambrian contact 

        Author(s):Rolston, Holmes, 1932-
        Encounter with the Precambrian contact exposed at Pardee Point in Doe River Gorge, East Tennessee, brings reflections about human origins, evolving and cleft from ancient rocks. Geochemistry has its sequel in biochemistry. ...
      • Pasqueflower, The 

        Author(s):Rolston, Holmes, 1932-
        The Pasqueflower surviving through winter, blooming at the Pasque, Easter, offers a glimpse of the precocious exuberance of life, a token of the covenant of life to continue in beauty despite the wintry storms. To pause ...
      • We should preserve our western skyline 

        Author(s):Rolston, Holmes, 1932-
        Advocating saving Horsetooth Mountain as a county park, with a referendum for sales tax increase enabling purchase of land owned by a farmer and threatened by development. Horsetooth Mountain should be preserved as the ...
      • Save Poudre as signature of eternity 

        Author(s):Rolston, Holmes, 1932-
        Advocating saving the Poudre River as wild and scenic, against development and dams for irrigation and residential water. The Poudre River canyon is an age-old gorge with a river still flowing free, an impressive signature ...
      • Spring bear hunt isn't fair: end it, The 

        Author(s):Rolston, Holmes, 1932-
        Article arguing against spring bear hunting in the state of Colorado. In the spring bear hunt, especially with dogs, cubs are separated from their nursing mothers. If the sow is killed, the cubs starve. Bear hunting is ...
      • Wolves resuming their rightful place in our ecosystem 

        Author(s):Rolston, Holmes, 1932-
        Commentary on seeing the recently re-introduced Yellowstone wolves in the wild. First we heard the howl, spine-tingling, raising goose pimples. Seeing a wolf pack on a kill recalls the age-old love-hate relationship of ...
      • Siberia: beautiful, bleak, full of uncertainty 

        Author(s):Rolston, Holmes, 1932-
        Report on a trip to Siberia and Lake Baikal, with a focus on conservation biology, led by Russian scientists, and sponsored by the American Association for the Advancement of Science. Riding the Trans-Siberian railway ...
      • Nepal: sublime surrounds simple life 

        Author(s):Rolston, Holmes, 1932-
        Report on trip to Nepal, environmental conservation, and human development, 1998. A trek in the Himalayas proves a stimulating mix of the sublime majesty of nature and the simple life of the Nepalis. They eke out a living, ...
      • Call of the wild: African safari a mix of intrigue, adventure and survival 

        Author(s):Rolston, Holmes, 1932-
        Report on trip to Botswana, environmental conservation and biodiversity, May-June 1999. Encountering a leopard in the night and wild dogs on the hunt gives experience of the ancient struggle to eat and not be eaten. Life ...
      • Coldest place on earth: forbidding, foreboding Antarctica shrouded in ice and mystery, The 

        Author(s):Rolston, Holmes, 1932-
        Report on trip to Antarctica, environmental conservation, January-February, 2000. Antarctica is the coldest, windiest, loneliest place on Earth--nature in her wildest and most relentless moods. This is the uninhabited ...
      • Nature of the beast: in Uganda, people and primates face unique struggles 

        Author(s):Rolston, Holmes, 1932-
        Report on trip to Uganda: gorilla and chimpanzee conservation and development. Uganda primate encounters leave a more lasting searching both for human origins and future hopes. Here the human species, exemplified in these ...
      • Exploring the great migration of the Serengeti 

        Author(s):Rolston, Holmes, 1932-
        Report on trip to see the wildebeest migration in the Serengeti, Tanzania. In the vast wildebeest migration, a million and a half ungainly antelope migrate a thousand miles showing an endurance that belies their clumsy ...
      • Galapagos: following in Darwin's footsteps 

        Author(s):Rolston, Holmes, 1932-
        Report on trip to the Galapagos Islands. Rolston recalls Darwin's experience encountering hundreds of "most disgusting, clumsy lizards," three-foot marine iguanas. Not "pretty," but then again not "disgusting." He is not ...
      • Madagascar offers rare experience 

        Author(s):Rolston, Holmes, 1932-
        Rolston's account of a trip to Madagascar in October 2010. Lemurs, endemic fauna and flora, flying foxes, conservation in Madagascar, loss of biodiversity, forests, eroded landscape, poverty of Malagasy people.
      • Komodo dragons highlight Indonesian adventure 

        Author(s):Rolston, Holmes, 1932-
        Rolston account of a September 2011 trip to see Komodo dragons in the wild, on Komodo and Rinca Islands, Indonesia. Also Orange-footed Scrubfowl, or Megapodes.
      • Wolves pack in entertainment 

        Author(s):Rolston, Holmes, 1932-
        Rolston's account of tracking and watching wolves in Yellowstone National Park, March 2011. Agate Creek Pack, and yearling pups. Lamar Pack and elk kills. Grizzly eating bison. Alpha 06 female, pregnant, and recollections ...
      • Learning how to think like a mountain 

        Author(s):Rolston, Holmes, 1932-
        Holmes Rolston reports on a search to find the site where Aldo Leopold shot a wolf and watched the green fire in her dying eyes, learning to think like a mountain, Apache National Forest, Arizona. Thinking big in the big outdoors.