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        Addressing absorber quality in CD1-xMGxTE wide bandgap solar cells for tandem applications [1]
        Advanced control techniques and sensors for gas engines with NSCR [1]
        Advanced Research Deposition System (ARDS) for processing CdTe solar cells [1]
        Alterations in lumbar spine mechanics due to degenerative disc disease [1]
        Analysis of advanced vapor source for cadmium telluride solar cell manufacturing [1]
        Analysis of CuCl thin-film deposition and growth by close-space sublimation [1]
        Analysis of industrial oilseeds : production, conversion to biofuels, and engine performance from large to small scale [1]
        Analysis of life cycle assessment of food/energy/waste systems and development and analysis of microalgae cultivation/wastewater treatment inclusive system [1]
        Anticipation enhanced behavior-based robotics using integrated system dynamics [1]
        Application of structural health monitoring for damage identification in an industrial fan rotor using in-situ modal analysis testing [1]
        Applications and advanced sintering techniques of functionally graded ZnO-based thermoelectric material [1]
        Applications of field programmable gate arrays for engine control [1]
        Approximate dynamic programming application to inventory management [1]
        Assessment of the effects of ligamentous injury in the human cervical spine [1]
        Assessment, design and control strategy development of a fuel cell hybrid electric vehicle for CSU's ecocar [1]
        Battery end-of-life considerations for plug-in hybrid electric vehicles [1]
        Bids-evaluation decision model development and application for PPP transport projects : a project risks modeling framework, The [1]
        Biomechanical analysis of aortic valve calcification and post-procedural paravalvular leak [1]
        Calcium aluminate electride hollow cathode, A [1]
        Case study of the real world integration of fuel cell plug-in hybrid electric vehicles and their effect on hydrogen refueling locations in the Puget Sound region [1]