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        A calcium aluminate electride hollow cathode [1]
        A computational and experimental study on combustion processes in natural gas/diesel dual fuel engines [1]
        A computational study of auto ignition, spark ignition and dual fuel droplet ignition in a rapid compression machine [1]
        A dynamic engineering model of algal cultivation systems [1]
        A fine resolution CDF simulation approach for biomass cook stove development [1]
        A low-cost monitor for simultaneous measurement of fine particulate matter and aerosol optical depth [1]
        A model of the effects of automatic generation control signal characteristics on energy storage system reliability [1]
        A modeling tool for household biogas burner flame port design [1]
        A multi-functional electrolyte for lithium-ion batteries [1]
        A non-invasive Hall current distribution measurement system for Hall Effect thrusters [1]
        A numerical model for the determination of biomass ignition from a hotspot [1]
        A real-time building HVAC model implemented as a tool for decision making in early stages of design [1]
        A reduced chemical kinetic mechanism for computational fluid dynamics simulations of high brake mean effective pressure, lean-burn natural gas engines [1]
        A simple lumped parameter model of the cardiovascular system [1]
        A simplified model for understanding natural convection driven biomass cooking stoves [1]
        A simulation method and laboratory brake friction dynamometer for tribology studies [1]
        A tabu search evolutionary algorithm for multiobjective optimization : application to a bi-criterion aircraft structural reliability problem [1]
        A techno-economic study on the waste heat recovery options for wet cooled natural gas combined cycle power plants [1]
        A thermoplastic matrix continuous fiber reinforced composite impregnation method by direct polymer extrusion [1]
        Advanced control techniques and sensors for gas engines with NSCR [1]