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        Posteriori error estimates for the Poisson Problem on closed, two-dimensional surfaces, A [1]
        Preconditioning polynomial systems for homotopy continuation [1]
        Preconditioning polynomial systems using Macaulay dual spaces [1]
        Probabilistic foundation of nonlocal diffusion and formulation and analysis for elliptic problems on uncertain domains [1]
        Properties of tautological classes and their intersections [1]
        Recovery of organ boundaries in electrical impedance tomography images using a priori data, optimization, and deep learning [1]
        Sensitivity analysis of the basic reproduction number and other quantities for infectious disease models [1]
        Simplicial homotopy group model for K2 of a ring, A [1]
        Sparse multivariate analyses via ℓ1-regularized optimization problems solved with Bregman iterative techniques [1]
        Spatiotemporal complexity in Ginzburg Landau equations for anisotropic systems [1]
        Steady state Hopf mode interaction in anisotropic systems [1]
        Storing cycles in Hopfield-type neural networks [1]
        Supporting and empowering students in online pre-calculus [1]
        Synthetic aperture source localization [1]
        Techniques in interpolation problems [1]
        Three projects in arithmetic geometry: torsion points and curves of low genus [1]
        Topological techniques for characterization of patterns in differential equations [1]
        Towards a general theory of Erdős-Ko-Rado combinatorics [1]
        Two-step coding theorem in the nearly continuous category [1]
        Weak Galerkin finite element methods for the Darcy equation [1]