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        Abelian surfaces with real multiplication over finite fields [1]
        Abstract hyperovals, partial geometries, and transitive hyperovals [1]
        Adaptation of K-means-type algorithms to the Grassmann manifold, An [1]
        Algorithms and geometric analysis of data sets that are invariant under a group action [1]
        Algorithms for feature selection and pattern recognition on Grassmann manifolds [1]
        Algorithms in numerical algebraic geometry and applications [1]
        Analysis and modeling of cells, cell behavior, and helical biological molecules [1]
        Analysis of factors affecting student success in Math 160 calculus for Physical Scientists I, An [1]
        Anomaly detection in terrestrial hyperspectral video using variants of the RX algorithm [1]
        Artin-Schreier curves [1]
        Asymptotic enumeration of matrix groups [1]
        Automated detection of circulating cells using low level features [1]
        Automated methods for quantifying the tortuosity of microvascular networks [1]
        Avoiding singularities during homotopy continuation [1]
        Bayesian approach to the anisotropic EIT problem and effect of structural changes on reconstruction algorithm using 2-D D-bar algorithm [1]
        Bifurcation of semialgebraic maps [1]
        Bridgeland stability of line bundles on smooth projective surfaces [1]
        Commutative algebra in the graded category with applications to equivariant cohomology rings [1]
        Computational advancements in the D-bar reconstruction method for 2-D electrical impedance tomography [1]
        Computer vision approach to classification of circulating tumor cells [1]