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        Commutative algebra in the graded category with applications to equivariant cohomology rings [1]
        Computational advancements in the D-bar reconstruction method for 2-D electrical impedance tomography [1]
        Computer vision approach to classification of circulating tumor cells [1]
        Computing syzygies of homogeneous polynomials using linear algebra [1]
        Conjugacy classes of matrix groups over local rings and an application to the enumeration of abelian varieties [1]
        Constrained dynamics of rolling balls and moving atoms [1]
        Constrained optimization model for partitioning students into cooperative learning groups, A [1]
        Continued exploration of nearly continuous Kakutani equivalence [1]
        Counting Artin-Schreier curves over finite fields [1]
        Covariance integral invariants of embedded Riemannian manifolds for manifold learning [1]
        D-neighborhood complex of a graph, The [1]
        Direct D-bar reconstruction algorithm for complex admittivities in W2,∞(Ω) for the 2-D EIT problem, A [1]
        Discrete-time topological dynamics, complex Hadamard matrices, and oblique-incidence ion bombardment [1]
        Electrodiffusion on the surface of bilayer membranes [1]
        Electromechanical and curvature-driven molecular flows for lipid membranes [1]
        Elevation heterogeneity and the spread of white-nose syndrome in bats [1]
        Enacted responsiveness and responsiveness as a disposition: leveraging and valuing student thinking [1]
        Exploiting geometry, topology, and optimization for knowledge discovery in big data [1]
        FDOA-based passive source localization: a geometric perspective [1]
        First year graduate teaching assistants: fostering successful teaching [1]