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        "Die at home": a contextualization and mapping of the New York City Draft Riots of 1863 [1]
        "God makes use of feeble means sometimes, to bring about His most exalted purposes": faith and social action in the lives of evangelical women in antebellum America [1]
        "I am going to find a new fatherland": nationalism and German colonization societies in the frontier state of Missouri [1]
        "Learning what to eat": gender, environment, and the rise of nutritional science in twentieth century America [1]
        "The Japanese" in Colorado's racial discourse: fear, anxiety, and spectacle in the reporting of the Denver Post during the interwar years (1919-1941) [1]
        "The scum of both nations": a Gaelic perception of gender and communities during the conquest of Ulster [1]
        "The tonic of wildness": religion and the environment at the YMCA of the Rockies [1]
        "To boldly go where everyone else has gone before": the road to ADAPT [1]
        Abiding nourishment: vegetable production and the pursuit of nutritional sovereignty in Colorado [1]
        Accelerating waters: an Anthropocene history of Colorado's 1976 Big Thompson Flood [1]
        An urban field of dreams: professional baseball and the fruition of new - old Denver [1]
        Baptists and slavery in frontier Missouri during the antebellum era [1]
        Beet borderland: Hispanic workers, the sugar beet, and the making of a northern Colorado landscape [1]
        Clouds over Fort Collins: settlement, urban expansion, and flooding along a layered landscape [1]
        Confederate military strategy: the outside forces that caused change [1]
        Constructing the polar world: the German encounter with the Arctic and Antarctic [1]
        Crimson streets and violent bodies: identity, physicality, and the twilight of Colorado's vice districts [1]
        Cry me a river: the environmental transformation of the Tarim River Basin and its impact on Chinese-Uyghur relations, 1949-2009 [1]
        Dangerous expectations: uncovering what triggered the hunt for witches in seventeenth-century New England [1]
        Denver goes to the movies: engaging national-scale identity shifts from movie house to movie palace, 1900-1940 [1]