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        1 month effect of breaking up sedentary activity on insulin sensitivity and glucose homeostasis in free-living overweight/obese adults [1]
        Accuracy of walking metabolic prediction equations using a large diverse data set [1]
        Acute ascorbic acid administration improves exercise hyperemia during rhythmic but not single contractions in aging humans [1]
        Acute beet juice ingestion improves estimates of insulin sensitivity in obese adults [1]
        Adjusting attitudes about altitude : novel approaches to promote human performance in high-altitude [1]
        Anthropometric indicators of obesity and their link to lifestyle and cardiovascular risk in Colorado firefighters [1]
        Associations between common variants in FTO and near MC4R genes on BMI, waist circumference, and type 2 diabetes prevalence among Hispanic and non-Hispanic white individuals : the San Luis Valley diabetes study [1]
        Associations between gait coordination, variability and motor cortex inhibition in young and older adults [1]
        Bone density in competitive cyclists : a longitudinal assessment across the cycling season [1]
        Cannabis use in people with Multiple Sclerosis : the highway to lower disability? [1]
        Cardiologists and ONCologists Exercise PromoTion Study (CONCEPTS) [1]
        Cardiovascular disease risk in middle-aged ultra-endurance athletes [1]
        Case study of a wheat-free diet on autoimmune disease progression, A [1]
        Combining Curcumin and Alpha-lipoic Acid to Treat Cardiometabolic Syndrome [1]
        Compensatory responses to oxidant stresses in vitro and in vivo [1]
        Depressive symptoms and metabolic syndrome risk factors in male and female Coloradan firefighters [1]
        Effect of age on ground reaction force-related parameters during stair negotiation [1]
        Effect of fatigue on ground reaction force asymmetries in jumps and hops, The [1]
        Effect of short-term epigallocatechin-3-gallate supplementation on the thermic effect of feeding and resting metabolic rate [1]
        Effect of treatment with a Nrf2 activator on in vivo proteostasis in mice [1]