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        'False Bakken' interval- sediment patterns and depositional architecture at the facies boundary between siliciclastic mudstones and carbonates, Lodgepole Formation, Mississippian in the Williston Basin, ND [1]
        Alteration of organic matter and copper mineralization in the Midcontinent Rift, USA [1]
        Ambient and teleseismic elastic wavefields of the Ross Ice Shelf, Antarctica, and their application to crustal scale seismic imaging [1]
        Analysis of flexural evolution of the lithosphere over the past 4.6 Ma around Ross Island, West Antarctica [1]
        Analyzing post-flood recovery after an extreme flood: North St. Vrain Creek, CO [1]
        Application of ground penetrating radar to sub-alpine hydrogeology, Snowy Range, Wyoming [1]
        Assessing channel change and bank stability downstream of a dam, Wyoming [1]
        Automated event detectors utilized for continental intraplate earthquakes: applications to tectonic, induced, and magmatic sequences [1]
        Biotic controls on post-glacial floodplain dynamics in the Colorado front range [1]
        Braided river response to eight decades of human disturbance, Denali National Park and Preserve, AK [1]
        Channel dynamics in Canyon de Chelly National Monument, Arizona, with emphasis on the effect of invasive plants [1]
        Channel stability assessment and logistic regression model for a reach of muddy creek below Wolford Mountain Reservoir, in north-central Colorado, A [1]
        Characterization of peat soil hydraulic conductivity and its dependence on vegetation type in mountain wetlands [1]
        Characterizing flow resistance in high gradient mountain streams, Fraser Experimental Forest, Colorado [1]
        Comparison of alternative estimators of deep percolation in full and deficit irrigation [1]
        Composition and fabric of the Kupferschiefer, Sangerhausen Basin, Germany and a comparison to the Kupferschiefer in the Lubin Mining District, Poland [1]
        Controls on and trends in sediment and particulate organic matter storage by instream wood in north Saint Vrain Creek, Colorado [1]
        Controls on post-High Park Fire channel response, South Fork Cache la Poudre Basin, Colorado [1]
        Coupled analytical modeling of water level dynamics and energy use for operational well fields in the Denver Basin aquifers [1]
        Coupled continuum pipe-flow modeling of Karst groundwater flow in the Madison limestone aquifer, South Dakota [1]