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        Constructing sexual identity in the novel and movie Kiss of the Spider Woman [1]
        Cri du bayou, Le: le statut et la promotion de la langue Française et la musique Cadienne en Louisiane [1]
        Cri du bayou, Le: the status and promotion of the French Language and Cajun music in Louisiana [1]
        Crise de la Francite, La: une critique de la langue Francaise, l'etat et l'identite nationale a travers les siecles [1]
        Crisis of Francité, The: an inquiry into French national identity, language and the state through the ages [1]
        Environmental justice in the Republic of Equatorial Guinea and its post-oil reality [1]
        Examining listening skills of diplomatic French as foreign language learners: an angle for languages for specific purposes [1]
        Female sexuality in terms of oppression and liberation through sex [1]
        First third of the nineteenth century in the novels by Arturo Pérez-Reverte, The: war, history and ideology [1]
        Food and the orishas of Santería: nourishing believer's well-being [1]
        Hacia una poética emancipadora: la creación del future nuevo en la obra poética de Pablo Neruda, César Vallejo y Miguel Hernández [1]
        Highly gifted children and the suppressed genius -- what pushes Hans Giebenrath "under the wheel"?: a new perspective on Hermann Hesse's Beneath the Wheel with regards to the idea of learning as a punishment [1]
        Histoire à travers identité et mémoire dans Ce que le jour doit à la nuit de Yasmina Khadra [1]
        Historias del Kronen: análisis de las diferencias argumentales entre la novela y la adaptación cinematográfica, y su impacto en la recepción [1]
        History and development of Spanish-language initiatives in public libraries, The: a case study [1]
        History through identity and memory in What the Day Owes the Night by Yasmina Khadra [1]
        Hochbegabte kinder - das unterdrückte genie -- was treibt Hans Giebenrath unter das rad?: eine neuere perspektive zu Herman Hesses Unterm Rad, in bezug auf die idee ,das lernen als strafe' [1]
        Honor and the Church: the case of the oppression of the Castilian women of the XII and XIII centuries [1]
        Honor, la honra y la Iglesia, El: el caso de la opresión de las mujeres castellanas de los siglos XII y XIII [1]
        How French am I? French identities defined by language [1]