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        Abundance, survival, and breeding probabilities of the critically endangered waved albatross [1]
        Advancing the science and practice of conserving hihiwai: using ecology and traditional ecological knowledge to identify and overcome threats to an endemic Hawaiian gastropod [1]
        Arctic Char Salvelinus alpinus can enhance fisheries in reservoirs with trophic constraints [1]
        Bacterial coldwater disease investigations [1]
        Bats, elephants, and their food: a conservation perspective on trophic interactions in the Namib Desert [1]
        Behavior and distribution of American marten (Martes americana) in relation to snow and forest cover on the Kenai Peninsula, Alaska [1]
        Behavioral response of mule deer to natural gas development in the Piceance Basin [1]
        Bird and mammal response to large-scale habitat mitigation for game species in the oil and gas fields of northwest Colorado [1]
        Calcium, telomere length, and parasitism in passerines nesting at high elevation [1]
        Can copper-based substrates be used to protect hatcheries from invasion by the New Zealand mudsnail? [1]
        Cinnamon teal breeding ecology in the San Luis Valley of Colorado [1]
        Comparative winter nutrition of elk in the Jemez Mountains, New Mexico [1]
        Density, demography, and seasonal movement of snowshoe hares in central Colorado [1]
        Ecology of desert bighorn sheep in Colorado [1]
        Effect of depth-velocity correlations on aquatic physical habitat usability estimates, The [1]
        Effectiveness of light traps for detecting Razorback Sucker larvae [1]
        Effects of an introduced tree, New Mexico locust (Robinia neomexicana), on riparian birds [1]
        Effects of climate change on high elevation lake ecosystems, The [1]
        Effects of dietary and aqueous zinc on subcellular accumulation and feeding rates of mayflies [1]
        Effects of predator strategies on the nesting ecology of snowy plovers (Charadrius nivosus) [1]