• Role of aging on the cause, type and cost of construction injuries, The 

        Author(s):Schwatka, Natalie V.
        Date Issued:2011
        Format:born digital; masters theses
        As older workers continue to delay retirement, understanding the health and safety needs of an aging workforce will be critical over the next twenty years. The goal of the project was to determine the impact of age on ...
      • Managing through measurement: occupational health and safety in the construction industry 

        Author(s):Schwatka, Natalie V.
        Date Issued:2014
        Format:born digital; doctoral dissertations
        The purpose of my dissertation was to describe five original research activities designed to characterize and enhance the health and safety of U.S. construction workers. The sequence of research activities illustrates my ...
      • Occupational injuries among craft brewery workers in Colorado 

        Author(s):Brents, Colleen
        Date Issued:2021
        Format:born digital; doctoral dissertations
        Workers at craft breweries in the U.S. are an understudied occupational cohort in a rapidly growing industry. Between 2015 and 2019, the number of craft breweries in Colorado grew 120% (Brewers Association, 2020). At the ...