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        1-W cw Zn ion laser [1]
        1/f noise for intermittent quantum dots exhibits nonstationarity and critical exponents [1]
        A 2-D filtering scheme for stereo image compression using sequential orthogonal subspace updating [1]
        A CAD driven multiscale approach to automated inspection [1]
        A clarification of the index of refraction of beta-iron disilicide [1]
        A clustered yield model for SMT boards and MCM's [1]
        A comparative study of five parallel genetic algorithms using the traveling salesman problem [1]
        A comparison of eigendecomposition for sets of correlated images at different resolutions [1]
        A comparison of two methods for choosing repeatable control strategies for kinematically redundant manipulators [1]
        A computational feasibility study of failure-tolerant path planning [1]
        A Description of the CSU–CHILL National Radar Facility [1]
        A different mirror [1]
        A fast learning algorithm for Gabor transformation [1]
        A full-plane block Kalman filter for image restoration [1]
        A global motion planner for curve-tracing robots [1]
        A least-squares-based 2-D filtering scheme for stereo image compression [1]
        A local measure of fault tolerance for kinematically redundant manipulators [1]
        A methodology for estimating the parameters of a gamma raindrop size distribution model from polarimetric radar data : application to a squall-line event from the TRMM/Brazil campaign [1]
        A methodology for exploiting concurrency among independent tasks in partitionable parallel processing systems [1]
        A metric and mixed-integer-programming-based approach for resource allocation in dynamic real-time systems [1]