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        0.85  PW laser operation at 3.3  Hz and high-contrast ultrahigh-intensity λ = 400  nm second-harmonic beamline [1]
        1-W cw Zn ion laser [1]
        1/ƒ noise for intermittent quantum dots exhibits nonstationarity and critical exponents [1]
        2-D filtering scheme for stereo image compression using sequential orthogonal subspace updating, A [1]
        Ablation of organic polymers by 46.9-nm-laser radiation [1]
        Absolute determination of the wavelength and spectrum of an extreme-ultraviolet beam by a Young's double-slit measurement [1]
        Accurate characterization of winter precipitation using multi-angle snowflake camera, visual hull, advanced scattering methods and polarimetric radar [1]
        Achievement of essentially full spatial coherence in a high-average-power soft-x-ray laser [1]
        Adaptable connectionist text-retrieval system with relevance feedback, An [1]
        Adaptive neural network scheme for radar rainfall estimation from WSR-88D observations, An [1]
        Adaptive pulse compression for transform-limited 15-fs high-energy pulse generation [1]
        Adaptive subspace detectors [1]
        Agent-based simulation of the L.A. 1992 riots, An [1]
        Algorithm for domain knowledge base acquisition in an intelligent tutoring system: Japanese transliteration rules, An [1]
        Algorithm for generating a dictionary of Japanese scientific terms, An [1]
        Analysis of eigendecomposition for sets of correlated images at different resolutions [1]
        Analysis of human-robot social interaction for use in crowd simulation, An [1]
        Analysis of the post-fault behavior of robotic manipulators, An [1]
        Analyzing student assimilation of Japanese phonological transformation rules [1]
        Analyzing unidentified locked-joint failures in kinematically redundant manipulators [1]