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        "Reclaiming our time, reclaiming our time!" Black women student affairs mid-level administrators talk supervision at predominantly white institutions [1]
        "Riding high, riding low, no easy ride": a case study on students exploiting students in cooperative learning [1]
        "Take me to the river": mapping global flows from crayons to connections [1]
        (We)ducation: a narrative and autoethnographic analysis of the teaching and learning process postured as an intimate relationship [1]
        Academic capitalism and Jesuit higher education: a critical discourse analysis of mission statements [1]
        Academic engagement: university student athletes meta-analysis [1]
        Academic writing retreats for graduate students: a qualitative case study [1]
        Accessibility and inclusion in higher education: an inquiry of faculty perceptions and experiences [1]
        Accommodation of haptic learning style in traditional learning environments [1]
        Acting as one: voices in the renewal of clinical partnerships in educator preparation and research [1]
        Adelante! From high school to higher education: an analysis of the academic success and persistence of Hispanic students through an expectancy-value framework [1]
        Adjunct faculty experiences in a comprehensive development program: a single-site case study [1]
        Adventure-based education: a quantitative evaluation of the impact of program participation in high school on youth development [1]
        Affinity development in undergraduate students at a large research institution [1]
        African-American women college and university presidents: their role, experiences, challenges and barriers [1]
        Aletheia project, The: an autoethnographic study of sexual harassment in higher education facilities management [1]
        Altruism and volunteering among high school students: a mixed methods study [1]
        Analysis of metaphors used in women college president's inaugural addresses at coed institutions [1]
        Analytical injustice league: understanding statistical manipulation of student retention data using modification methods of missing values [1]
        Asian American leadership in the community colleges: an inquiry into success factors, insights, and perspectives [1]