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        Acid mine drainage impacts in the Upper Arkansas River Basin: a study of water quality, treatment efficiency, and predicted longevity [1]
        Alpine wind speed and blowing snow trend identification and analysis [1]
        Are wild and scenic rivers really "free-flowing"? [1]
        Assessing flow alteration and channel enlargement due to dam management at Hog Park Creek, Wyoming [1]
        Biogeochemical implications of beaver-mediated fluvial complexity in river-floodplain meadows [1]
        Climatological study of snow covered areas in the western United States, A [1]
        Comparison of digital terrain and field-based channel derivation methods in a subalpine catchment, Front Range, Colorado [1]
        Conservative solute transport processes and associated transient storage mechanisms: a comparison of streams with contrasting channel morphologies, land use, and land cover [1]
        Effect of mountain pine beetle kill on streamflow generation mechanisms [1]
        Effects of conjunctive use on streamflow at the Tamarack State Wildlife Area, northeastern Colorado [1]
        Effects of early snowmelt on plant phenophase timing and duration across an elevation gradient [1]
        Effects of flow modification and forest disturbance on streamflow across Colorado [1]
        Effects of mountain pine beetle caused tree mortality on streamflow and streamflow generation mechanisms in Colorado [1]
        Effects of snow persistence on soil water nitrogen across an elevation gradient [1]
        Effects of temperature-elevation gradients on snowmelt in a high-elevation watershed, The [1]
        Ethiopian socio-hydrology: geographies of development and change in the water tower of Africa [1]
        Evaluating and correcting sensor change artifacts in the SNOTEL temperature records, southern Rocky Mountains, Colorado [1]
        Evaluating the spatial variability of snowpack properties across a northern Colorado basin [1]
        Evaluating the utility of global versus local geospatial data for secondary cities [1]
        Examining trends in snowmelt contribution to streamflow in the southern Rocky Mountains of Colorado [1]