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        Assessment and improvement of automated program repair mechanisms and components [1]
        Automated deep learning architecture design using differentiable architecture search (DARTS) [1]
        Automated security analysis of the home computer [1]
        Automated tropical cyclone eye detection using discriminant analysis [1]
        Automatic determination of may/must set usage in data-flow analysis [1]
        Automatic endpoint vulnerability detection of Linux and open source using the National Vulnerability Database [1]
        Automatic parallelization of "inherently" sequential nested loop programs [1]
        Automatic prediction of interest point stability [1]
        Automatic question detection from prosodic speech analysis [1]
        Autonomous management of cost, performance, and resource uncertainty for migration of applications to infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) clouds [1]
        Behavioral complexity analysis of networked systems to identify malware attacks [1]
        Beyond shared memory loop parallelism in the polyhedral model [1]
        Characterizing the visible address space to enable efficient continuous IP geolocation [1]
        Classification ensemble methods for mitigating concept drift within online data streams [1]
        Classification using out of sample testing of neural networks and Siamese-like neural network for handwritten characters [1]
        Code generation in AlphaZ [1]
        Comparative analysis of alternative splicing in A. Thaliana and C. Reinhardtii, A [1]
        Comparison of EEG preprocessing methods to improve the performance of the P300 speller [1]
        Compiling dataflow graphs into hardware [1]
        Comprehensive compendium of Arabidopsis RNA-seq data, A [1]