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        Theory of graph traversal edit distance, extensions, and applications [1]
        Toward effective high-throughput georeferencing over voluminous observational data in the domain of precision agriculture [1]
        Towards a secure and efficient search over encrypted cloud data [1]
        Towards an efficient vulnerability analysis methodology for better security risk management [1]
        Towards automatic compilation for energy efficient iterative stencil computations [1]
        Towards efficient implementation of attribute-based access control [1]
        Towards federated learning over large-scale streaming data [1]
        Towards model-based regression test selection [1]
        Tutorial on minimum output sum of squared error filter [1]
        Unbiased phishing detection using domain name based features [1]
        Uncovering the role of epigenetics in alternative splicing [1]
        Unified modeling language framework for specifying and analyzing temporal properties, A [1]
        Unsupervised binary code learning for approximate nearest neighbor search in large-scale datasets [1]
        Unsupervised video segmentation using temporal coherence of motion [1]
        Use of traveling salesman problem solvers in the construction of genetic linkage maps [1]
        Using audio cues to support motion gesture interaction on mobile devices [1]
        Using gender swap in virtual reality for increasing empathy against stereotype threats [1]
        Using machine learning to improve vertical profiles of temperature and moisture for severe weather nowcasting [1]
        Using slicing techniques to support scalable rigorous analysis of class models [1]
        Utilizing network features to detect erroneous inputs [1]